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Employee Resources


We want to make sure you feel supported and connected to us during this time. In addition to monitoring your work email for updates, you can find helpful resources below. If you have any other questions, please send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible. Reach us at or at



At this time, and as a result of actions being taken to mitigate staff exposure to COVID-19, all checks for employees without direct deposit will be mailed. While you will receive a check in the mail, we cannot gurantee delivery times. To eliminate the potential for person-to-person exposure, our Home Support Office is closed. Employees cannot pick up a check from the office at this time.  Note: An email with direct deposit enrollment forms and instructions has been sent to employees who do not have direct deposit.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

If you are experiencing anxiety or unusual high levels of stress, know that there are resources available to you.  Employees enrolled in our Blue Shield health plans have access to mental health benefits through their plan.  Additionally, all employees have access to the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) through Integrated Behavioral Health and Guardian. Counselors are available to help with a range of issues and concerns.  Reach out TCIG for help finding your best option.


Blue Shield Members

For those on our group health plans, screening and diagnostic testing co-payments should be waived when testing is prescribed by your doctor.  his does not apply to the cost of treatment or other related services (such as testing for seasonal flu).  Those enrolled in HMO coverage (both Access+ and Trio) should continue to coordinate care through your primary care provider (PCP). Those enrolled in PPO coverage should remember that out-of-pocket costs will almost always be lower when using contracted (in-network) providers. You can reach out to TCIG for help with verifying your primary care provider, instructions on changing primary care providers, or finding a list of contracted providers in your area.

Remember that our health plans include coverage for virtual doctor appointments through Teledoc. Virtual visits can be done by phone or video chat for a $5 copay on all plans.  For those enrolled in PPO coverage, the providers from Heal are contracted (in-network) and able to make house calls.  For those on the HMO, house calls are still available for a charge.  These are great options to avoid spreading germs to others if you are sick and to keep you out of waiting rooms where you could be exposed to others who may be contagious. For specific coverage questions, help finding providers, or anything else related to your benefits, anyone at TCIG will be happy to help. Employees with claims questions may reach out to Lisa Newkirk directly. 

More Resources:

  • Employment Assistance Program: available to all full time and part time employees
  • Blue Shield Heal: For all PPO members
  • Blue Shield Teladoc: For all Access + and Trio members
  • Your TCIG Team: Contact information for questions on your benefits
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Guidance on how to keep healthy

Child Care Resources


Below are the three referral services that are part of the Mayor’s program. All three services cover all of Los Angeles County:

  • Carina Care: A referral registry that partners with working families to provide quality, licensed child care during and after the Covid-19 crisis. Local space availability is updated regularly to quickly assist families seeking providers.
  • Child Care Alliance Los Angeles (CCLA): CCALA is a partnership of ten Resource and Referral and Alternative Payment agencies in Los Angeles County that deliver services to thousands of families and child care providers.
  • WeeCare: WeeCare is a network of daycare and child care programs in Los Angeles, CA and across the United States.