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Continuum of Care

A key component of our mission is our focus on the whole child where we address students’ comprehensive needs ensuring that each student is healthy, supported, engaged and challenged--setting the stage for comprehensive and long-term student success. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive “Continuum of Care” which supports early childhood education, high quality K-12 college pathways, college completion support, and authentic parent engagement.

Each aspect of the Continuum of Care reflects a history of stakeholders acknowledging the unique context of each site, using a place-based approach to be responsive to community needs, integrating academic rigor, experiential learning, family and wellness to empower students to succeed in college and career. Through the Continuum of Care, students are prepared to lead healthy, educated, fulfilling lives. This is accomplished by a focus on Early Childhood, Experiential Learning including Integrated Support Services, Parents as Partners, and an Alumni Program