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Camino Nuevo Offering Free COVID-19 Testing

Dear Students, Families, Employees, and Community:
I am excited to share that Camino Nuevo Charter Academy has partnered with Curative Inc. to offer free COVID-19 testing to the greater MacArthur Park and Westlake communities, starting Monday, October 12. The Dalzell Lance Campus will serve as the testing location.
As an organization dedicated to protecting the wellbeing of students and families, we are extremely supportive of COVID-19 community testing and proud to partner with Curative, a leading COVID-19 testing provider operating testing sites across Los Angeles, including the country’s largest at Dodger Stadium. We know that underserved communities and people of color have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus. By making testing more accessible in our communities, we can help remove the stigma of testing, slow the spread of the virus, and save lives.
How to make an appointment
At the Dalzell Lance Campus, we estimate being able to test between 350 and 500 people a day. For safety reasons, all testing will be outdoors and by appointment only, requiring visitors to drive and enter the campus using a single drive-thru lane. Anyone can make an appointment for a test at Dalzell Lance or any other testing location at Testing is not mandatory for any Camino Nuevo employees or families, but it is available for those who wish to get tested. No insurance is necessary, but if you have it, bring your information. Testing appointments are available Monday through Thursday and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
How testing will work
The testing site at Dalzell Lance will be managed by Curative staff members. They will guide visitors through what they need to do and enforce our strict COVID-19 safety precautions, including physical distancing and the use of masks. Curative uses a relatively painless sample collection process that involves a self-administered mouth swab test. Visitors remain in their car, swab their own mouth, and return a sealed container with the swab to a medical professional. The entire test is done without having to come into close contact with others, and patients typically get their results within 48 hours via text or email.

Making our communities healthier
When health officials give schools the green light to resume in-person classes, we may suspend or limit the use of our facilities for testing. In the meantime, I am pleased that we can use one of our campuses as a testing site and look forward to our community benefiting from free, reliable, and safe COVID-19 testing. This service will not only make our communities healthier, it will make all the difference for families. Thank you for joining us in encouraging everyone to be safe and get tested.
Adriana Abich
Chief Executive Officer