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Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying Policy

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy is committed to protecting its students, employees, and applicants for admission from bullying, harassment, or discrimination for any reason and of any type. CNCA believes that all students and employees have a right to a safe, equitable and harassment-free school environment. As a school, we have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance. CNCA prohibits any acts of discrimination, harassment, and bullying on any area of the school campus, at school-sponsored events, and activities, regardless of location, through school-owned technology and through other electronic means, consistent with this policy. Bullying, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated and shall be just cause for disciplinary action. (Education Code 200, 5 CCR 4900, 20 USC 1681, 29 USC 794, 42 USC 2000 and 12101, Title IX, Educational Amendment Act of 1972, Title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964.)
Please reference the Student and Family Handbook (pages 51-54) for more details.