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Nike's Community Climate Resilience Program in Partnership with Camino Nuevo and Trust for Public Land

Dear Camino Nuevo Familias, 

In September 2022, Nike announced the creation of their Community Climate Resilience Program, a targeted program that helps provide access to more green spaces and parks, increasing sports participation in the communities that need it most. The program funds projects that advance a critical goal: build climate resilience in communities disproportionately impacted by climate threats. Its method: creating and cultivating healthy, active, and resilient public greenspaces.

Trust for Public Land received the program’s inaugural grant to fund U.S.-based projects advancing climate resilience and access to sport in communities disproportionally impacted by climate threats.

Nike’s support is strengthening community resilience through climate-smart park and schoolyard solutions in four low-income, underserved neighborhoods across New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These high-quality green spaces also provide health, equity, and community benefits.

A new playground is coming to CNCA Castellanos very soon. Check out the video below and spot our very own students and Director of Facilities, Carla Rivera. 

To read more about the partnership and project, click here