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YOLA at Camino Nuevo

Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA) at Camino Nuevo is designed to increase high-quality music education by giving students access to music and the related skills that prepare them for long-term success. YOLA at Camino Nuevo provides free, comprehensive music education to CNCA students in order to foster their cognitive, social-emotional, and personal growth.
Formed in October 2018 in partnership with the LA Philharmonic, the program uses in-school music teachers and Teaching Artists to deliver consistent, sequential music instruction during and after school. Based on El Sistema, the system that formed the LA Philharmonic Music and Artistic Director, Gustavo Dudamel, YOLA at Camino Nuevo is YOLA’s fourth site and the only program of its kind; offering both intensive music training both during and after school.
"In an orchestra, musicians learn to make beautiful music and everything that goes with that including study and discipline - but within the context of the entire orchestra. None of us make music by ourselves. The orchestra is a perfect metaphor for the community.” 
Our program scaffolds instruction across a TK-12th grade journey. Younger students first learn music fundamentals, progress to playing instruments, and eventually participate in youth orchestra ensembles as middle school and high school students.
Students engage in recitals and performances to showcase their growth. Our program teaches music fundamentals, like counts, notes, and scales, and progresses up to music theory and more advanced playing.
YOLA has taken our accomplished young musicians to experience music at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, London, Tokyo, the Super Bowl, and the National Gallery in Washington D.C. We expect to see our Camino Nuevo musicians on those same stages one day and are proud of our partnership through this program that brings music back to our community.
To learn more about YOLA at Camino Nuevo, contact our Program Director, Grecia Serrano-Navarro: [email protected]