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Ethnic Studies For All

What is Ethnic Studies for All?

Ethnic Studies incorporates culturally relevant, social justice, community responsive and other pedagogical approaches with a focus on literacy and critical thinking skills. A growing body of research from education scholars shows that an Ethnic Studies pedagogy has proven to have positive academic and social benefits to students of all races and ethnicities. Read more by Ron Espiritu, Ethnic Studies Coordinator at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy 

visual art in the ethnic studies classroom

Visual Art in the Ethnic Studies Framework

When combined with the Ethnic Studies frameworks of critical reflection and analysis, art becomes a tool to challenge dominant narratives that marginalize and negate non-dominant identities. Read more by Tyler Fister, Visual Art Teacher at CNCA Miramar

National Walkout Day: Op-Ed from CNCA Teacher 

"As an educator, I feel a duty to not only academically support my students, but also to encourage and empower them at a time in our country when many of them feel powerless and dehumanized by people in power." Read more by Pablo DePaz, Teacher at Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy

Experiencing Ethnic Studies in LA

Camino Nuevo High School students go into the field as part of their Ethnic Studies pedagogy. Read more by Laura Farrel, Teacher at Camino Nuevo Charter High School - Dalzell-Lance Campus

What is the Ethnic Studies For All Initiative?

The Ethnic Studies For All Initiative at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy has spent the 2017-18 school year implementing Ethnic Studies curriculum in grades K-12 in all academic disciplines. Read more by Ron Espiritu, Ethnic Studies Coordinator at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy