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Since our first cohort, the Class of 2008, our scholarship program provides CNCA students with funds to help them pay for college costs. Our scholarships help reduce financial barriers that prevent our students from persisting in college and earning their degree. 

About CNCA Scholarships 

CNCA Scholarships are renewable for 4 years given that recent CNCA high school graduates meet the GPA and enrollment requirements. Last year, we issued over $310,000 in scholarships. 
Annually, we award 30 to 40 new scholarships to graduating seniors. 
Scholarships are awarded by the Scholarship Committee and Camino Nuevo Charter Academy's dedicated College Success Team. 
The College Success Team stays in contact with Scholarship recipients to answer questions, provide guidance, help with Scholarship renewals, and support them as they persist through college to graduation. 

Our Scholarships

NOMA Scholarship - $4,000 a year for students pursuing humanities majors

AMA Scholarship -  $4,000 a year to high performing students with any major. This program partners with Ready to Succeed to support alumni with career exploration and career transition support

Principal Scholarship - $2,000 a year to students pursuing STEM

PND Scholarship - $2,000 a year for students pursuing any major 

Vocational Scholarship - $1,500 a year (2-year award) for students pursuing career or vocational programs 

Partum Artes Scholarship - $1,000  for students pursuing a major in Art or Media, to purchase necessary supplies their freshman year to complete their major

How To Apply 

Students at our Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Dalzell Lance High School are eligible to apply to CNCA scholarships during their senior year. Students interested in applying should connect to the College Center and ask for the College Success Team to learn about eligibility requirements and application deadlines.