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Transitional Kindergarten

About TK at CNCA

At Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Transitional Kindergarten is a dual language program (English and Spanish) that sets students up for a successful learning journey in our TK-12 schools. We believe that every child is capable of learning and that children learn best when engaged in joyful experiences that promote curiosity, inquiry, and play.
Our talented TK teachers are dedicated to connecting with each child and partnering with families to ensure their success. 
We know the power of community-school partnerships and seek to make the school a safe place for all children and families. 
Our TK curriculum that aligns to the developmental needs of our students, meets them where they are and helps them realize their full potential.

Is My Child Eligible for TK?

To Enroll in this Academic Year Students Must Be Born On or Between  When Should I Apply?
2022-2023 (this year) September 2, 2017 – February 2, 2018  Now!
2023-2024 September 2, 2018 – April 2, 2019  October 11, 2022 -  January 27, 2023
2024-2025 September 2, 2019  – June 2, 2020  October 10, 2023 - January 26, 2024

Key Program Details

Full Day

Transitional Kindergarten programming at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy consists of a full day of learning. Students arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 for early care and the day is full of learning and play until 3:00 p.m. There are also opportunities for Afterschool Enrichment that go until 4:30 p.m. (depending on the school-site). To learn more, view our Sample TK Schedule

Dual Language Program

We honor and value the diverse cultural and linguistic assets of the community we serve. We raise the status of multilingualism by grounding our program and instruction in relevant educational research and ensuring it is responsive to the evolving needs of our community.
We believe that a deeply effective and equitable bilingual education must be multi-faceted and integrated. It is aimed at amplifying the voice within our students while cultivating joy, pride, curiosity, and sociocultural competence. To that end, our students learn to read, write, and effectively communicate in both Spanish and English and our schools offer a challenging and enriching learning environment that fosters the necessary biliteracy skills for students to access the world beyond their scope and strengthen the upward trajectory of their lives.

Choose a School Near You

You can apply to enroll your child in TK programming at any of the following Camino Nuevo Charter Academy schools:
Burlington (dual-language in Spanish and English)
MacArthur Park / Westlake Neighborhood
697 S. Burlington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90057
Kayne Siart (English only)
Rampart Village / Koreatown Neighborhood
3400 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Castellanos (dual-language in Spanish and English)
West Adams Heights / Pico Union Neighborhood
1723 W Cordova St, Los Angeles, CA 90007 
Cisneros (dual-language in Spanish and English)
Echo Park Neighborhood
1018 Mohawk St, Los Angeles, CA 90026