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The Jeri Weiss Mental Health Program » Overview


The Jeri Weiss Mental Health Program at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy offers a wide range of free mental health services to the network’s uninsured children and their families, helping them overcome social and emotional challenges and regain the focus and motivation to succeed in school and in life.


Through the program, students and their families can receive individual and group therapy for a variety of challenges, ranging from abuse to neglect to trauma. The staff also works closely with teachers and administrators, providing them with tools and strategies to best support students who are struggling.


By having access to mental health services during the school day, more students are able to get the help they need and realize their academic goals. Camino Nuevo also partners with other agencies to meet the mental health needs of our students and families. To access mental health services at your school, please reach out to the Family Services Coordinator at your school.


The Jerri Weiss Mental Health program also offers practicums for eligible candidates pursuing a master's degree in marriage and family therapy, a master's degree in social work, or a doctorate in psychology. To inquire about practicum opportunities, please email our mental health director, Sonia Torres at