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Our Approach


Rigorous Academics

We educate students in a culturally relevant, academically rigorous environment. Our research-based curriculum is grounded in the Common Core/California State Standards, providing students with advanced levels of literacy, math, and science skills.

Teaching Excellence

We recognize that quality educators and visionary leaders are the core of excellent schools. We recruit and invest in talented teachers and leaders who are committed to transforming the lives of students through education.

Sustainable Growth

We cultivate enduring relationships with committed partners and advocates to ensure organizational sustainability. This enables us to provide robust leadership and support to 300+ well-trained, qualified staff who serve over 3,200 students daily.

Continuum of Care

We leverage community assets to provide a continuum of integrated support services and programs from early childhood to college graduation. Our programs foster self-expression, resiliency, cultural awareness, civic engagement, and college and career readiness.

A key component of our mission is our focus on the whole child where we address students’ comprehensive needs ensuring that each student is healthy, supported, engaged and challenged--setting the stage for comprehensive and long-term student success. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive “Continuum of Care” which supports early childhood education, high quality K-12 college pathways, college completion support, and authentic parent engagement.
Our Continuum of Care was designed in partnership with our key stakeholders and is meant to acknowledge the unique context of each site and use an approach responsive to community needs. By integrating academic rigor, experiential learning, family, and wellness, we empower students to succeed in school, in college, and in life. Our priorities include: 
  • Providing early childhood education to give all students a strong start 
  • Offering hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in the arts and sciences 
  • Connecting students to wraparound mental health and wellness supports 
  • Promoting dual language development through our bilingual program option 
  • Expanding access to and fostering success in higher education 
  • Engaging authentically with families and our community