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Families as Partners

At Camino Nuevo, families are our most important partners. We strongly believe that students will find greater levels of academic success when their home and school share similar values about learning and forge a genuine partnership. CNCA seeks to move beyond family involvement and actively engage families as partners. We believe that graduates will experience greater levels of success in college and career when their most important advocates develop a positive relationship and work together in the best interest of the student. 
To ensure the development of authentic and productive relationships with our families, we offer a variety of opportunities for them to be involved in the academic lives of their children at the classroom and school levels. We further demonstrate our commitment to forging genuine partnerships with all parents by offering high-quality family services, including a comprehensive parent workshop program and health case management for families in need.
We know that your involvement makes all the difference in your child's education. Since our inception, we have consistently found ways for parents to play an active role in everything from homework to school governance.
To ensure the ongoing development of authentic and productive relationships with our families, we remain committed to learning from feedback cycles that keep us committed to a shared mission that reflects a shared interest in student success. We distribute a weekly bilingual parent newsletter and information packet to keep you aware of the latest school activities, events, and updates.
As part of our commitment to you, we provide a student and family services coordinator at each campus to keep parents informed and meaningfully engaged. They are the primary liaison between the families and the school. They coordinate support services and collaborate with families to design and facilitate various engagement opportunities such as workshops, training sessions, fundraisers, and social events.  
Contact your school’s family services coordinator to find out about upcoming workshops, seminars, events and other special services available to families.
Camino Nuevo uses Parent Square as the primary form of communication with families. Parent Square is a communication platform designed to help streamline all communication with families related to school events, conferences sign-ups, parent workshops, fundraisers, volunteer hours tracking, calendar, parent bulletin, etc. It is important that communication is a continuous process. To stay informed of all meetings and events, please check the school website, Parent Square and monthly calendar/newsletter regularly. CNCA frequently provides notices, correspondence and important flyers. 
Downloading the mobile app is the easiest way to receive all posts, events, sign up requests, photos and files. Users can enable app notifications when a message is posted. ParentSquare allows you to change your language setting if you would like to get posts in a different language.
Parents are encouraged to become involved as leaders through the Site Based Council (SBC) and ELAC organized at each campus. Parent Representatives benefit from targeted trainings that not only support their own professional growth but empower them to advocate for high quality education for the benefit of the not only their own children, but for the community at large. Parents are key members of each school's Site-Based Council (SBC) and ELAC, which are groups of parents, teachers, and school staff who meet regularly to discuss school issues and provide suggestions to the school principal.
One of the unique aspects of Camino Nuevo is our commitment to assisting you in matters beyond the classroom that impact you and your family. In partnership with other community groups, we offer access to services ranging from health care, to career and job placement to legal consultation. Families across CNCA benefit from a variety of workshops including:
Academic Workshops
  • SBAC and ELPAC Academy
  • Literacy Series
  • i-Ready Workshop
  • Making Sense of the SBAC Results
  • Successful Parent Conferences
  • The Bilingual Program
  • Understanding the Academic Language
  • What are Reading Levels?
  • What’s does it mean to be an ELL?
  • Understanding Reclassification

Parent Workshops: Curricula/Series

  • Abriendo Puertas
  • College Ready, College Bound Series
  • Latino Family Literacy Project
  • Padres Comprometidos
  • Power My LearningPESA (Parent Expectations Support Achievement)
Parent Workshops: Family & Socio-Emotional Issues
  • A Successful Transition from Elementary to School to Middle School
  • A Successful Transition from High School to College (senior workshop)
  • Signs of Depression
  • Child Abuse & DCFS Reporting
  • Cyberbullying
  • Community Building Circles
  • Strategies to Foster Your Child’s Motivation
Miscellaneous Sessions
  • Book Clubs
  • Coffee with the Leadership Team/Cafecitos
  • Parent Support Groups
School-Wide Events
  • Art Show & Exhibitions by PSArts
  • Back to School Night
  • Books & Pajamas: Read Across America Week
  • Family Math Night
  • Open House
  • Science Fair
  • SBC and ELAC Leadership Training (for members only)
  • How to check student grades in PowerSchool?

Wellness Policy
Copies of the CNCA Wellness Policy are available in the main office of any CNCA campus. To request a digital copy of the Wellness Policy please contact our Associate Director of Operations, Rodolfo Andalon via email at [email protected] or call (213) 736-556.