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Human Trafficking Awareness

Human Trafficking Prevention 
The commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth (CSECY) has become an epidemic in Los Angeles County and throughout the United States. CSECY refers to a child who is sexually trafficked or one who receives food, shelter, clothing, money, drugs, in exchange for a sexual act. An estimated 100,000 children are sold for sex each year within the United States, and as many as 300,000 children in the country are at risk of becoming victims. 
California law requires Camino Nuevo Charter Academy to inform staff and parents about this criminal activity and provide resources that can help keep children and youth safe. We believe the more informed and educated you are, the more you can protect youth in your care and in your community. To learn more about how to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth, visit the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health website:
For information on how to share this with your children and other safety resources, visit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's KidSmartz website: